Christopher Madden

Web Development

Christopher Madden has a wide range of skills in terms of Web Development. He has a understanding of all the basic concepts of web design. Chris is a learner, he is always researching new trends in web design.

His best skills come in front end development. He loves designing a project from a basic concept. Taking that concept and turning it into a paper prototype and the visual design on how the site will look before all the coding is done. He has excellent skills in writing project reports. The start of the coding in the front end is a skill Chris knows well. Chris has learnt all five languages of web coding. HTML, CSS, Java Script, SQL and PHP. He has learnt to design and build databases. Database driven sites is part of his main skills. He has great knowledge of SEO and is skilled in analysis of websites, making them stronger and getting more user’s to a website.

Chris has great work skills as he is hardworking and always listens to what the client wants and needs. He always works to achieve his deadlines.

All around, Chris has the skills to build user friendly sites that are mobile friendly. If you like to know more please contact Chris on his contact page or email him.

The course he did and units completed can be found below: Diploma of Website Development ICT50615


Here is some links that I found useful in doing my course and are a great source for website design.


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